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Laundry Business Supplies

Commercial Washer

BLUEWHALE Commercial Washers are meticulously designed to provide exceptional wash results and superior performance. Hygiene is a top priority, which is why all our washers are equipped with UV disinfection capabilities, ensuring each wash cycle delivers double insurance of sanitization. With touchscreen-enabled controls, our washers offer an intuitive and enhanced customer experience. Built on a heavy-duty frame and strong structure, our washers can support up to 680 rpm spin, a testament to their reliability and high quality. We are committed to delivering reliable and hygienic washing solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Laundry Business Supplies

Industrial Dryer

Our Dryers, like our BLUEWHALE Washers, are designed with customer experience in mind. Featuring a 4.3′ touchscreen, they offer an enhanced user interface for convenience and ease of use. The riding wheel design ensures accurate cylinder rotation year after year. With individual drive motors, the cylinder rotation is precisely controlled, resulting in more efficient operation. The Axial airflow system and well-sealed structure provide highly concentrated and efficient drying, reducing drying times and saving you money. The large size filter minimizes the need for frequent cleaning, reducing labour costs. Lastly, the sleek dark door glass not only adds an attractive touch but also protects personal privacy in public settings. Our Dryers are designed to deliver optimal performance and convenience while enhancing the overall drying experience.

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