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We are your dedicated self-service laundry business supplier. With top-notch solutions and expert support, starting your venture has never been easier. Discover our range of products and services, tailored to fit your needs and budget. Join us now and unlock the potential for a successful laundry business!

Self-Service Laundry Business Supplier

Over 20 years’ experience in Laundry & Chemical Industry

LAUNDROPRO SOLUTIONS is your trusted partner for establishing and expanding a profitable and sustainable laundrette business. Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance and support, helping you navigate the challenges of the industry with ease. We prioritize your success and well-being, offering tailored solutions that promote efficiency, minimize stress, and foster long-term growth.

From location analysis and equipment selection to marketing strategies and financial planning, we cover all aspects of the laundrette business ecosystem. With LAUNDROPRO SOLUTIONS, you can access industry insights, personalized guidance, and proven methodologies to build a thriving and stress-free venture. Contact us today to embark on your journey to laundrette business success.

Self-Service Laundry Business Supplier in Malaysia

Your One-stop Solution Provider

Explore our exclusive self-service laundry package, specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs in Malaysia. With a focus on affordability, our low investment package empowers you to kickstart your own thriving laundry business. Discover top-notch equipment, seamless setup assistance, and expert guidance, all tailored to fit your needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to enter Malaysia’s lucrative self-service laundry market. Start your journey to success with our low investment package today!

Affordable Investment

Our investment packages offer a cost-effective proposition that optimizes your return on investment.

Quality Products

We prioritze quality products to ensure a superior consumer experience

Reliable Support

Our proficient technical team delivers robust and trustworthy technical support

Self Service Laundry Supplier

Your worry-free answer to ROI, retirement income, job security, and time constraints.

LaundroPro  Malaysia simplifies the joining process, providing comprehensive support at every stage.  Join us with few steps below.

  1. Business consultation: Receive expert guidance and recommendations.
  2. Finalization & contract signing: Formalize our partnership with a signed agreement.
  3. Site selection & joint agreement: Collaborate to choose the ideal location.
  4. Outlet design development, set up & renovation: Create a functional and appealing space.
  5. Equipment installation, testing & commissioning: Ensure seamless operation of all equipment.
  6. Staff training on equipment handling/usage education: Equip your team with necessary skills.
  7. Shop Opening: Successfully launch your laundrette business.

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