Self Service Laundry Business Package

Unlock the pathway to a thriving self-service laundry business in Malaysia with Package B, starting from just RM282,000. Tap into the booming market with top-notch equipment, expert guidance, and a low-cost opportunity to kickstart your venture. Join now and achieve success with LaundroPro Malaysia!

Self Service Laundry Business Package

Laundry Business Package B

Say goodbye to worries about extra charges as we provide a worry-free package tailored to fit your needs. Unleash the best laundry business solution in Malaysia, designed to empower you with top-notch equipment and unparalleled support. With no hidden fees, Package A ensures a seamless journey to success. Join now and elevate your laundry venture with LaundroPro Malaysia!

Package B


  • 15kg Washer 4 Units
  • 28kg Washer  1 Unit
  • 16kg + 16kg Dryer  3 Units
  • Detergent  5 Units
  • Water Heater 1 Unit
  • Token Machine 2 Units


  • Water Tanks (600 Gallon)
  • Water Filter
  • Water Works
  • Electrical & Lighting Work
  • Civil Works & Partition
  • Table & Chair
  • Alarm & CCTV


  • LPG Gas Valve Sysem
  • Gas Manifold system
  • Gas Detector
  • Emergency Shut-Off Valve

Standard Design Package

Our practical and cost-effective interior design option focuses on functionality and efficiency. Create a clean and organized space that optimizes your laundry business operations.

RM 282,000

Self Service Laundry Machine Supplier Malaysia

Premium Design Package

Elevate your laundry shop with our premium interior design option. Experience a sophisticated and upscale ambiance that will impress your customers and enhance their overall laundry experience.

RM 292,000

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