Start Your Laundry Business Now!

Start your rewarding entrepreneurial journey in Malaysia with a low investment starting from just RM223,000! Secure your financial future by investing in our self-service laundry solutions, offering a lucrative opportunity with low risk and high rewards. Tailored investment options fit your budget, empowering you to step confidently into Malaysia’s thriving laundry market. Unleash the potential of your laundry business dream today and take the first step towards financial success!

Start Invest Laundry Business Today!

What are the steps?

Embark on your laundry business investment with ease through a simple and streamlined process. Choose from our budget-friendly investment options, and let our expert team guide you through setup. Step confidently into Malaysia’s thriving laundry market and turn your business dream into a reality. Start now!

Want to maximize your ROI while minimizing risk?

Seeking a recurring income source for retirement to maintain your desired lifestyle?

Worried about the financial security of your family in the event of job loss?

Looking to start a side business alongside your job, but struggling with time constraints?

Self Service Laundry Supplier

Your worry-free answer to ROI, retirement income, job security, and time constraints.

LaundroPro  Malaysia simplifies the joining process, providing comprehensive support at every stage.  Join us with few steps below.

  1. Business consultation: Receive expert guidance and recommendations.
  2. Finalization & contract signing: Formalize our partnership with a signed agreement.
  3. Site selection & joint agreement: Collaborate to choose the ideal location.
  4. Outlet design development, set up & renovation: Create a functional and appealing space.
  5. Equipment installation, testing & commissioning: Ensure seamless operation of all equipment.
  6. Staff training on equipment handling/usage education: Equip your team with necessary skills.
  7. Shop Opening: Successfully launch your laundrette business.

Start Your Laundry Business Now!